Busch Gardens Williamsburg announces 2011/2012 details


Event after event has led to the simple question: What’s coming next?

In 2009, Busch Gardens Williamsburg closed the Big Bad Wolf, their Arrow Dynamics Suspended Coaster and completely removed it, leaving little to no traces that a ride was ever there. After it’s removal, fans began to question what was going to replace Wolf. Different rumors have surfaced in the past, but Busch Gardens answered all the questions during a pass member appreciation weekend.

Our roving reporter headed out to the park to get the scoop on 2011. We soon discovered it was going to be a two year project along with a few other items and something new at Water Country USA.

Here’s a recap of what’s coming in the next two years at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA:

  • A Mach Tower (drop tower) will be opening in Spring 2011. The ride will rotate at the top and then drop riders 246 feet to the ground and surprising guests. Not sure exactly what the surprise will be yet, but there is only so much that can be done with a drop tower.
  • The Oktobestfest section of the park will be getting an overhaul.
  • Katapult will be moving from Oktoberfest to New France, replacing the Cannadium Palladium. This indicates there may no longer be a show in New France anymore.
  • Beer Garden in Oktoberfest
  • Vanish Point will be a new attraction at Water Country USA. Similar to the Aqua Loop manufactured by WhiteWater West, riders will step in and the floor will drop. Vanish Point will contain four slides.
  • Italy will be officially open during Christmas Town. No surprise here as we saw signs in the park last year and we spoke with Scott Gasparich a few months ago and we were given the clue “gold and white”.
  • Last but not least, Busch Gardens will be utilzing the vacant spot once occupied by Wolf to build a new coaster. According to Busch Gardens, the coaster will be a multi-launch coaster and contain high speeds. Will BGW be getting an Intamin similar to the coaster BGT is building for 2011?

Check out some photos of the event and Howl-o-Scream street props.

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