Cheetah Hunt Construction Update: 12-25-10 & 12-18-10


Things have been kind of crazy this week and we’ve been pretty busy with the Christmas Holiday. Now that Christmas is over, we’ve got two different Cheetah Hunt construction updates for you guys. We’ll start with the oldest update, December 18th.

When this update was taken, re-bar for some concrete near the Skyride supports has been installed, however, notice there’s no track inside of the old Rhino Ralley water area. You’ll notice in the next update, that they’ve added as much track as far as the eye can see.

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On the 18th, Congo River Rapids was closed and dry as the desert on a hot summer day.

Moving on to a more recent update, we’ve got a lot more track installed, specifically in the Rhino Rally water portion. In fact, you can’t even see where the track ends. They’ve also completed a concrete section, which looks like it will be used for an underground portion of the ride.

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