Cheetah Hunt/Gwazi Update 1-7-11


Today, we have a fairly large update. Up to bat is a Cheetah Hunt update, as well as a few shots of Gwazi, and Busch Garden’s brand new show. First up, Gwazi. According to Lance over at Screamscape, containers were spotted near Gwazi. Lance seems to think that Millenniun Fliers are now on site at the park are going to be installed on Gwazi. Our reporter was unable to find this container, but he got some great shots of fresh wood added to the ride.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626530261777″]

Since our last Cheetah Hunt update, so much has changed. A lot more track has been installed. Specifically, it looks like track has been installed where the “waterfall” was on Rhino Ralley before you were going to topple to your… hey, is that a dirt road? Besides that, there were a lot of people out working today. Disregard the fact that today was a great day for jackets and gloves. It also appears that track has finally reached the station. I’m glad to say that track is now visable along the skyline in more than one place now. Cheetah Hunt is really taking shape. Check out today’s photos below.

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Last but least, Busch Gardens announced this morning they would be bringing a brand new show, Sweet Music: The Sounds of Motor City, to the Marrakesh Theater (Club during HOS/Men of Note) today with the first show happening at 5:15. Unfortunately because the show was announced this morning, we were unable to get photos of it. The show seems to be replacing Men of Note. Anyone know more?