Halloween Horror Nights 2011 survey pitches idea for new Frequent Fear Pass


Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear was phenonmial for Universal Orlando. Not only did they celebrate their 20th year running for the event, but they added many different perks to the Frequent Fear Pass.

Universal Orlando has released their first Halloween Horror Nights XXI survey. The survey asks typical questions such as if you plan on going this year, what kind of ticket you might purchase, what kind of advertising sounds most appealing to you, and etc. Nothing here is too revealing, or new except for something called the “Rush of Fear” pass.

What is the “Rush of Fear” pass? Here’s the exact definition as listed in the survey:

This version of a Frequent Fear Pass (Rush of Fear – for now) would let you attend HHN every night (including weekends) for the first 10 event nights. Based on the projected 2011 schedule this would include the first three weekends (Friday & Saturday nights) as well as the weekday event nights for a total of 10 event nights.

Nothing official has been announced regarding a brand new Frequent Fear Pass for 2011, but it’s safe to say that Universal is interested in getting more folks through the door during the first three weeks of Halloween Horror Nights, which is typically the less crowded time of the event. The “Rush of Fear” pass would include the first 10 days (1st weekend: Friday & Saturday/2nd weekend: Thursday – Sunday/3rd weekend:Thursday – Sunday).

In this survey, the “Rush of Fear” pass is listed at three different prices: $50.99, $70.99, and $80.99.

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Last year Universal rolled out two new alternatives to the Frequent Fear Pass(FFP) The FFP Plus, and Plus with Express. The Plus gave those who normally purchase the FFP something they’ve never had before..Friday nights. The Plus with Express was just that, you were able to skip the regular line. As a result, the lines seemed to get exceedingly long exceedingly quick every night. It raised a lot of complaints from the fan community, mostly about overcrowding the event on nights that are traditionally less crowded. A pass that allows guests to come to the event pretty much unlimited for the first ten nights could, in theory, lessen those crowds.

Would you purchase one of these passes if Universal Orlando followed through with this pass? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section below. Click here to take the HHN 2011 survey for yourself. If the survey does not automatically open, try copying and pasting the following link into your address bar: