Thrill Weekly Poll:The King of Halloween 2011!


Happy Halloween Minions! With the candy, costumes and fear that goes along with the holiday comes a bit of a somber mood. Today marks the absolute last day of Haunt Season. There will be some haunts that will continue to keep it’s doors open to hapless souls, but for the most part, it’s over baby. We wrap up until next September when the leaves begin to turn, the chainsaws rev, and the fog rolls in thick.  But instead of being a sad occasion, we are pleased to kick off our second annual Thrill Weekly Polls!


Our Thrill Weekly Polls will give you the chance to vote for what you think was the best haunt of the season. Horror is very subjective, what you find scary, others may find silly. Some say the best is the scariest, others say it was the one that gave you the most scares, others still will say it was the haunt with the shortest lines. The event that you think is the best may not even be a scary event, instead going for cute, and candy!  Whatever you consider to be the best, vote for it here and now!

[polldaddy poll=5611512]

Feel free to vote once a day, every day for the next week! We will close the poll Sunday at Midnight, so be sure to come back every day and vote! If you are a fan of a park on Facebook or Twitter(or are a park on Facebook or Twitter), feel free to promote it. The event with the biggest voice usually wins! So spread the word!

Remember kids, horror is subjective. Polls aren’t. If you want your haunt to win, people need to know!

The winner will be announced in our special “Best of 2011 Awards” in the first part of January.

Happy Halloween!