Thrill Daily News 1-31-12


The last day of the first day of the year, know what that means. Yup, Valentine’s Day is just 14 days away. You guys better start getting your butts in gear and plan on doing something epic for your better half. And Ladies, don’t think you can cheap out and and use THAT for the gift. Guys like a little lovin besides the lovin. Stay tuned for the next few days and I’ll show everyone how to share the love, theme park style.

My theme park news is a smooooth pimp that loves the….pudding.

Want to see what Disney has planned for the Super Bowl? How about a John Carter of Mars?


Blue Diamond Park in Delaware has been closed for a few years. The rides being left to collect dust. However, one of the parks major coasters is getting a facelift and coming to Florida! The 1,700 foot coaster was a defining feature of Blue Diamond park, and it will be one of the key attractions at the new Daytona Lagoon which is expected to open Memorial Day weekend. Full story

200 feet above the Hersheypark street, Skyrush is busy getting built. The coaster just celebrated a milestone of topping off the lift hill, a feat that usually means…it’s all downhill from here. Okay, these are the jokes people. Full story

Will SeaWorld move forward without Shamu? That’s an interesting topic, and one that SeaWorld slowly seems to be answering itself by adding new attractions that take the focus away from what was once their bread and butter. Author of a new book, and a former trainer join forces to talk about that very topic in a half hour show. The show will stream online several times this week. More details

Paultons Park will be opening an all new, highly themed launch tower called “Magma”. Think Dr. Doom’s Fearfall meets Jurassic Park. The tower will launch out of a giant volcano and feature all kinds of dinosaur animatronics. Full story

Okay Star Wars fans. For years we’ve been hearing about a TV show. It seems it now has a title, and is being scripted. Star Wars:Underworld will deal with the filthy crime ridden underbelly of the galaxy. There are even rumors of a plot point. Could you imagine a group of rebels going back in time to stop Darth Vader from being created? Yeah..Terminator style. I don’t know, I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Full story

Let’s see…oh yeah! How about some more Avengers Super Bowl goodness?

Ride of the Day
There aren’t enough good viking rides. What about a ride that not only gives you a taste of viking life, but kills you and sends you to the place where all warriors fight for eternity? With temp changes, tons of animatronics and fire! This is why Valhalla at Pleasure Beach Blackpool is your Ride of the Day