Aquatica San Antonio rolls out a “capacity checker” system so guests can check before they arrive


Aquatica is getting ready to open in San Antonio in just three more weeks. With that said, the park is sure to draw crowds in the first couple weeks because it is a new attraction and also on hot summer days. Thankfully, Aquatica has set up a “capacity checker” system that will come in handy on days that will draw big crowds out to the park. If you are headed out to Aquatica for the day, grab your cell phone to find out if Aquatica has closed due to capacity.

It’s really easy! Just text “Aquatica” (without the quotations) to 90210 to see if the park is open. It will probably look like something below:

So, have no fear with this system! No matter where you are, if you decide you want to head to Aquatica, just pick up your phone and send a quick text and you’ll know whether or not the park is open! It’s a sure way to ensure you won’t show up to find out the park is closed because it’s very crowded!

Aquatica San Antonio opens on May 19th. For more information about Aquatica, visit