Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights gets a new Twitter master…and he’s all out of bubble gum


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando is a juggernaut. It is one of the most popular Halloween events in the country, wins tons of annual awards, and has legions of fans. The fans hang on every detail, every rumor and pick the event apart. While Universal has tried to keep up with the insatiable appetites of fans on social media, it’s a dauntless task that is very hard for the average person to tackle. To please the fans, the hardcore salivating masses, you need to think like a fan….someone preparws to kick ass and chew bubblegum.  They found one…and he’s all out of bubblegum.


Theme parks are finding out that social media is a great way to interact with fans and build an even larger audience. The problem comes when social media managers aren’t really in touch with a park or event, the hardcore fans lose interest.
For a few years Universal Hollywood Creative Director John Murdy has taken to Twitter to tell fans about the ins and outs of the event. From behind the scenes all the way through the event, John has taken fans in a journey as a fan of horror and of Horror Nights.

Recently Universal Orlando has followed suit with their own creative member who will take fans into every aspect of the event. The all new Twitter account for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando (click here) has been handed over to Assistant Director of Creative Development for Universal Orlando’s Art and Design Mike Aiello. Mike isn’t your average corporate stuffed fact the only thing he’s stuffed with is passion for his work. He started working at Universal Orlando part time and hasn’t looked back. He’s worked in just about every aspect of the park including Horror Nights.

Creating HHN content with A&D was something I never dreamed. I went to Fright Nights in 91 with my father.” Aiello tweeted. “97 when I became a scareactor in Hotel Hell. It was a maze located in the Nazarman facade in NY section of the studios.I popped out of a washing machine hundreds of times as my scare. Hooked! From then I was employed in HHN in some capacity.”

So what can you expect from Mike Aiello as Twitter commander of @Horrornightsorl? Tweets…and lots of them. Having met Mike personally, he’s a horror guy. He loves every aspect of it, and he loves his job. First and foremost, he’s a fan, and it shows in the work he does. He’s already revealed floor plans from up coming house Cabin In the Woods…stuff that true nuts go crazy over. With August peeping around the corner, you can expect more…lots more. Look out kids…he’s all out of bubble gum!

For more information be sure to follow the official Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Twitter account by clicking here!