Red Oven Pizza Bakery opens at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk


Universal Orlando is already a mix of many different culinary delights for all taste buds. From quick service, to fast food and even fine dining, Universal Orlando has a little bit of something for all appetites. The resorts entertainment venue, CityWalk, however is undergoing some massive renovations and bringing new tastes to guests and visitors. CityWalk has closed a few of it’s restaurants and have been rumored to be bringing a few new flavors to the area. Red Oven Pizza is one of the newest flavors, which opened this past Saturday for guests at CityWalk.


Red Oven promises a “taste of Italy” with fresh oven baked pizza topped with market fresh toppings and ingredients of the highest quality. We took a look around the new restaurant to get a feel for what guests should expect at the new pizza joint.


Fresh ingredients seems to be the biggest focus of the restaurant, with chefs on every corner preparing pizzas to order, and fresh for guests. The huge signature Red Oven is in the middle of the kitchen area and provides for a very unique centerpiece. Red Oven boasts around ten different pizza recipes, or guests can create their own pizza. From standard favorites like pepperoni and sausage to white sauce pesto and even Margharita pizzas, there is a wide variety for every taste.


The restaurant features counter service pizza and salads, as well as soft drinks, beer, wine and desserts. The restaurant stands where the Pastamore quick serve restaurant once was, and features limited indoor dining, as well as a huge covered patio for outdoor dining. While the quick serve area is now Red Oven, Pastamore still features sit down service for fine Italian dining.


Prices range from $12 to $18 dollars for whole pies. At this time, we did not see any pizza being sold by the slice. We were told by the staff that pizza by the slice may be sold in the future, but right now the focus is on family style quick service dining.

Check out more pictures of Red Oven Pizza Bakery at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk:

CityWalk also currently has a new Starbucks coming to the area, directly next to Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company, in the former Endangered Species Store. There is also a rumored new Mexican Restaurant, Don Quixote’s, coming to the former Latin Quarter.

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For more information about CityWalk at Universal Orlando, visit the official website by clicking here!