Disneyland raises ticket prices, eliminates Southern California Annual Pass


In a very shocking move, Disneyland in California has raised their ticket prices overnight significantly, bringing their one day, one park pass to just under $100 dollars. The park has also raised their annual pass prices, as well as their parking prices, and even eliminated their cheaper annual pass for Southern California Residents. While ticket prices are nothing new for the Florida parks, which cater to international travelers,  the California parks have catered to more of the local residents and have not been as quick to raise prices.





Effective today, the price of a one day, one park theme park ticket to either one of the two parks at Disneyland Resort is $96 dollars for people ages 9 and up. All park hopper tickets also went up on average of $7 dollars, and annual passes increased by an average of $20 dollars. The most popular annual pass for Southern California Residents-The SoCal Annual Passport has been eliminated completely, leaving residents to either push up to the higher priced Premium Annual Passport for over $100 dollars more a year, or jump down to the Select SoCal Passport which has a significantly fewer amount of days available to visit the parks. We’ve been told that the reason for discontinuing the SoCal Pass is because too many people were buying it, leading to overcrowding in the parks.

Disney theme park attendance is consistently up, and should be for last year as well, which is why the parks decide to raise ticket prices. However, California parks were not as quick to raise ticket prices as high as their Florida counterparts, which is always in stiff competition with the likes of Universal Orlando. While the price of a one day adult ticket has been raised to $96 dollars, the price of a one day ticket in Florida is $99 dollars, making it the most expensive non-inclusive theme park ticket in the world. Still, with the focus on local residents at the California park, it’s astonishing that they would take away one of the most popular passes.

Here’s the complete rundown of prices:


  • 1-Day 1 Park
    • $96 Adult, up by $4
    • $90 Child, up by $4
  • 1-Day Park Hopper
    • $150 Adult, up by $13
    • $144 Child,up by $13
  • 2-Day, 1 park per day
    • $178 Adult, up by $3
    • $165 Child,up by $3
  • 2-Day Park Hopper
    • $217 Adult, up by $7
    • $204 Child,up by $10
  • 3-Day, 1 park per day with Magic Morning
    • $226 Adult,up by $1
    • $215 Child, up by $6
  • 3-Day Park Hopper with Magic Morning
    • $265 Adult,up by $5
    • $254 Child, up by $10
  • 4-Day, 1 park per day with Magic Morning
    • $250 Adult, no increase
    • $235 Child,up by $5
  • 4-Day Park Hopper with Magic Morning
    • $289 Adult, up by $4
    • $274 Child, up by $9
  • 5-Day, 1 park per day with a Magic Morning
    • $266 Adult,up by $1
    • $250 Child,up by $6
  • 5-Day Park Hopper with Magic Morning
    • $305 Adult, up by $5
    • $289 Child, up by $10


  • $17 for Auto / Motorcycle,up by $1
  • $22 for Oversized, up by $1
  • $27 for Buses,up by $1

While many are trying to either justify, or ask why the park prices have increased, the simple answer is-Because they can. Attendance reports are due out in just a few weeks, and early indicators have Disneyland and California Adventure with a significant increase in attendance due in large part to the continued success of Carsland. While many point to the possibility of a third California park being announced soon, it’s not likely the reason for a price increase.

Universal Studios Hollywood recently raised their daily admission to $92 dollars, up from $87 dollars, although if you buy online you can still get the discounted price.

So how does this affect your Southern California Vacation plans? Will you continue to make Disneyland a part of your vacation, or will you have to cut costs and go to another theme park instead?

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