Sinister Soiree at Mickey’s Not So Scary surprises, despite the price


Mickey’s Not So Scary at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is a spooky Halloween event that let’s kids of all ages have fun at what can be the scariest time of the year. Instead of scares, there’s candy and playful characters. However, even the most scared of us likes to get “Sinister” every once in a while. Enter the Villainous Sinister Soirée. The all new upcharge party caused some outrage earlier this year when it was announced. It is an upcharge event at an upcharge event. Is it going to far? We check in Spooky mom Michelle who was able to check out the party, and see if it’s worth the price to party with the villains, or if this soirée goes sour.


I booked the party for myself and my Seven year old son , Parker, who absolutely loves Halloween, but isn’t quite ready for ALL the terror of the grown up events. He loves Disney Villains, with Maleficent being his favorite. Prior to heading into the Magic Kingdom, we stopped at the will call booth to check in and pick up the Lanyards for the Soiree. The check-in process was quick and easy. It took us less than five minutes. The big draw to this event is the reserved seating for parade and fireworks. We were admittedly a little late arriving, after all there’s tons of fun at Not So Scary, but there was still plenty of space for us without being crowded. If anyone has ever been to Mickey’s Not So Scary, you’ll know that you have to line up at least an hour before the parade to get a good spot on busy nights. The only complaint is that the spot is a little tight for fireworks viewing. You just don’t get the best of views of the fireworks, but it’s not a bad spot by any means.


There are a few parties scheduled throughout the night. We had reserved the first party of the night, which is right after the parade. Immediately after, we were walked over to Cinderella’s Royal Table. We entered the foyer, and Anastasia and Drizella (The Ugly Stepsisters) came in and started interacting with the guests. They were funny, and my son really liked talking to them.


Then, we were brought upstairs and taken to our table. The table was preset with a appetizer plate, glasses of water, glasses of Not-So-Poisoned Potion, and keepsake Maleficent cups filled with candy. We hadn’t even gotten seated yet when Judge Claude Frollo came over to greet us. I quickly took a picture, and he was off. Originally, there were three characters roaming the room – Judge Frollo, Captain Hook, and the Queen of Hearts. Shortly after our meeting with Judge Frollo, Captain Hook came over to greet us, but the Queen of Hearts did not make it to our table, which was disappointing.





Ten or fifteen minutes after we were seated, Lady Tremaine came out joined by Anastasia and Drizella. They did an opening musical number and introduced the rest of the villains in attendance – Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Dr. Facilier, and Cruella DeVil. The villains started going table to table interacting with guests. Every character except Lady Tremaine came to our table. My son told Maleficent that she’s his favorite villain, and she visited us twice. The characters came by in a steady stream, one every few minutes. We had met Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and both step sisters by the time that Lady Tremaine called all the villains up to introduce the desserts about 30 minutes into the party.


My son has a nut allergy and couldn’t eat the standard selection of desserts. I had emailed the special diets folks (, and they responded quickly. The chef had greeted us upon arrival, and checked in on us again when the desserts arrived to make sure everything was good with the nut free alternatives. The substitutions that my son was served was chocolate eclair cake and raspberry brownies.







After the desserts came out, we were greeted by the last two villains, and then Maleficent came back over to interact with us some more. We had plenty of time to eat all the desserts, and when it was time to leave, the servers were bringing everyone boxes and helping them wrap up the light up poisoned apple and light up Maleficent stirrer that had been placed in the Not-So-Poisoned punch.

Overall, the party was great. It was the best character interactions we’ve ever had during character dining. Sometimes during huge events like Not So Scary, it’s tough to get special time with characters. During the Soirée, you truly do get special interactions. The reserved viewing area was good and saved us some time; on a night when MNSSHP is sold out, it would have saved us even more time. The price is a tad too high, so it’s not the best of value, but you do pay more for a unique experience, and this is truly a unique experience.

Special thanks to Michelle for the great report and pictures!

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