Minion Park brings Despicable Me to life at Universal Studios Japan!


Universal Studios Japan has officially opened the latest chapter in the Minions take over of the world! The new Minion Park officially opened on Wednesday at Universal Studios Japan, and is quite easily the most unique take on the Minions attraction to date. The new area features Minions taking over an entire city block, and wreaking havoc. Like all other Minion areas before it, the new area is complete with a Minion Mayhem attraction.

Check out a brief tour of the area, courtesy of our friend YukenDoIt.


Watch-Check out the all new Minion Park at Universal Studios Japan!



The new Minion Park takes over the old Back to the Future area, and uses the space really well. There’s Minions EVERYWHERE! Guests can take pictures with not only the costumed characters, but tons of photo ops around the park. The new area includes a candy shop, the game from the film and of course Minion food!

Minion Mayhem takes guests into the film, Despicable Me, and picks up where the first movie left off. It’s still as charming as ever. The ride itself in Japan is relatively unchanged, as you go through the same house area, and lab. The only major change is that there is a safety video on how to board the cars.

The area is an amazing new addition to the park, and brings more family fun, and of course Minions. The new area is just in time for Despicable Me 3, which hits theaters later this summer.


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Minion Park is definitely a whole lot different and a must see for Minion lovers everywhere!

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