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Night of the Twitchlings-Behind the scenes at Legends:A Haunting at Old Town

When people think haunted houses, or haunted attractions, the thoughts automatically go to Halloween. Sure, Halloween is when the collective public becomes masters of...

Legends-A Haunting in Old Town brings year round haunts back to Orlando

Horror in Orlando has morphed forms and venues over the past few decades, and has taken visitors on nightmarish journeys varying in scale and terror. Year round horror...

Legends: A haunting in Old Town opens it’s doors to victims as Old Town celebrate Halloween

The shadows have grown weary on the grim old house that time forgot in Old Town. It’s been deserted for years now, and no one dared to enter. However, with the...

Old Town Halloween kicks off this Friday with some new Legends-Haunting at Old Town to open in time for Halloween!

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