Goretorium is “F#*ked”-officially closing October 2nd after just over a year of operation

Goretorium was praised by creator Eli Roth as the “Disneyland of haunt fans”. Unfortunately, the blood has stopped splattering and the chainsaws will no...

Goretorium in Las Vegas files for bankruptcy

Well that was fast. Eli Roth wanted the Las Vegas based year round haunt to become the “Disneyland” for haunt fans.  According to this Las Vegas Sun...

Screams fill the hot summer air as Eli Roth’s Goretorium F#*ks Summer up

When we spoke to Eli Roth about the opening of his Goretorium back in September of 2012, he was quick to throw out that he wanted Goretorium to be more than just a place...

“Stereo Love” kicking off at Eli Roth’s Goretorium with special Valentine’s edition

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