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Chevy unveils the REAL Lego Batmobile!

  Batman gets all the cool toys. Lego Batman, well his toys are a tad bit cooler. Chevy and The Lego Batman Movie teamed up to build an actual, full scale, Lego...

SDCC 2016: New Lego Batman asks “What’s the Password?”

The full trailer for the Lego Batman Movie has hit, and…yeah it’s pretty insane. We get a first look at Joker, and at Robin…or as Alfred...

SDCC 2016: It’s on-Lego Batman poster unveiled

  The Dark Knight is assembled in the Comic Con exclusive poster for The Lego Batman Movie. The movie stars Will Arnett as probably the most fun Batman to ever...

Batman drops the mic in the first teaser for the Lego Batman Movie

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