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Blade runnerĀ 20149 debuts two new posters with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling

Blade Runner is one of the cornerstones of Sci-Fi Cinema. This year, we’re finally getting a sequel to the 1982 Ridley Scott adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick...

Star Wars, Indiana Jones and more get release dates!

No time for love Dr. Jones. On top of Frozen 2, which hits Thanksgiving 2019, Disney has set release dates for several major big films. Star Wars IX will hit theaters on...

Deadpool casts Josh Brolin as Cable!

  Deadpool and Cable are happening. Soon. We know that the movie will feature Domino, we also know it will feature Cable. Now comes word that Josh Brolin is playing...

La la la! The first Captain Underpants trailer is here!

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