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Skyplex Orlando gets unanimous vote for rezoning and okays building of world’s tallest coaster

Over the past few months, the battle for Skyplex Orlando and the world’s tallest roller coaster has gotten, well…nasty. The battle started when Universal...

Petition goes live for World’s Tallest Roller Coaster and surrounding Skyplex

Late last week, the Orlando Planning and Zoning Board voted against Skyplex, an all new entertainment venue which will boast the world’s tallest coaster. In a 4-3...

Intamin Rides to supply the world’s tallest coaster as Skyscraper eyes 2018 opening

The world’s tallest coaster, Skyscraper, is coming to Orlando in 2018. The project is a huge undertaking, with many different aspects needed to not only open the...

Timeline on world’s tallest coaster moved back, as FAA gives initial approval on Skyscraper

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