The Yates Factor: Manta-Erik’s Take with Video!


So its been a couple of days coming, but I’ve finally gotten around to writing it down. Manta at Sea World. If I could describe it one word, that word would simply be….WOW. What else can I say? I was looking at the concept art and it looked like monumental task. I heard people compare it constantly to Tatsu and how it wasn’t a good coaster. Manta, is amazing. Continue to see the video!

Lets forget this as being a coaster. The coaster is the centerpiece of this amazing world that Sea World has created. Sure, they have done Sting Rays before, and they bring you close. But nothing like this. The landscape is lush, the architecture is inspired, and the queue line gives you glimpses of a world that you’ve never seen. It reminds me a lot of the way “The Living Seas” used to be with the old Sea Cabs…not that crap with Nemo now. It emerges you into the ocean, the only way you can without strapping on a scuba tank.

But what exactly? Well, as you walk into the building you’re taken by a huge brightly lit coral reef tank. Coral isnt just rock, it’s a living breathing colony. And you see this quite well as you walk in because it dominates the whole wall. Then you walk into the main area and you’re underwater, you watch as the stingrays soar above you effortlessly. There are so many things to do from watching the smaller tanks with sea horses, and octopi, to even getting closer as you become part of the clown fish.

Then there’s the coaster itself. It’s an engineering marvel, as are all B&M Coasters. The damn thing is so smooth it might as well have been made out of glass. Hopefully they keep up with that. The ride itself is small, and short, but it packs a punch. It’s the same with Sheikra, its got a small footprint which makes the turns more intense and full of airtime. I know you get a different ride no matter where you ride on a coaster, but its never more apparent than when you ride Manta.The front is an amazing experience, and the back, just puts your face in your ass. It’s really that different.

Now just because I sing praises doesnt mean I think its perfect. Of course not! It does have some flaws…the biggest being, where are the damn Mantas? You name a ride and dont put one single name sake in there? I’ll give it a break and think that the small number of rays is because they are slowly putting more in and slowly adding to it. Also they need time to make more babies. I get that. The coaster itself is short, and it doesnt bring you inches above the water, more like feet. There is no splashdown, only water jets. And back quickly to the queue, lets put some more tanks in there. I love the whole experience, and think that the team did a great job in a relatively small space bring this whole thing to life. They could have done more, and i would have loved to see it. But for what they’ve done, its amazing. Sea World has set a high bar for itself, and the next attraction is going to be tough to have come even close to this. Make sure you check it out.

I’m Erik and that’s the Yates Factor.