Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Vallies


The original opening date of Rockit was July 3rd, but it looks like Rockit will have a later than expected opening.

Problems with the lift hill arose, and the lift hill was taken apart. Universal corrected the problem and testing began. When a coaster is erected and taken back apart, that is not a good sign. Obviously this ride has some issues to work out. This was only the beginning. Once the lift hill was back together, testing of the ride resumed.

It seems however that we haven’t seen the end of the problems from Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. During testing on a windy day, the second car of a train did not have enough energy to make it over a hill and proceeded to teeter-totter back and forth for several minutes until it became perched at the valley. When will the problems end?

Rides in the past have had their issues, and after time and tweaking, they have been successful. Kingda Ka would be a great example. When the ride first began testing, the train would not coast over the crown. After time and effort, the problems were fixed and the ride opened. Farenheit at Hershey park had issues as well. It too, vallied during testing.

If Rockit cannot make a complete run around the track on a windy day empty, would it be possible for it to complete run around the track full of people on a day just as windy?