Ripped From the Silver Screen


I got the call at lunch time. It was updated. It was freakin updated. The Halloween Horror Nights website had jumped the gun, and went from the teaser page to the event teaser. We now know what this year’s theme will be. “Ripped From the Silver Screen”. Am I excited? Is it what was expected? What else do I know? Get your tickets and come inside……

So rumors had been circulating for months that Universal would dip back into the movie well and come up with a licensed bunch of characters around which to build this years Halloween Horror Nights. The funny thing is that two of the three showcased are Universal properties. In years past Universal Orlando has taken move characters and used them in their event. This year however marks the first year that the theme has officially been the movies. So judging by the pictures, we’re going to see houses based on films such as Wolfman, Saw and Child’s Play. I dont have a problem with Wolfman, but Saw is so anti-climactic. And Childs Play? Great movie, but who is going to go just for Chucky? I’m excited to see if the rest of the rumors are true (Saw show, houses based on John Carpenter films, and old school horror…like Christopher Lee’s Dracula…ultra bloody gory!!!) But overall I think they departed from the wildly successful and completely original “Reflections of Fear” Concept they had last year. Also this year they opted to go away from the tease and give you all the meat and potatoes. Last year had a very delicate and intriguing storyline that wrapped all the way around the event and gave the story a life of its own during the event. I dont see this happening this year, but keep watching the site. Yes it’s July and we’re already counting down til October.

Here’s some more pics from the site all of which you should go check out yourself at the Official HHN Website.

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