Busch Gardens Employee falls off Skyride


A Busch Gardens Tampa employee fell 35 feet from a Skyride gondola today. The employee thought the door to to the gondola may not have been locked. He held onto the side of the gondola to check the door. After holding on for some time, the employee let go and fell approximately thirty-five feet to the ground. Following the incident, the park contacted other employees to reinforce rules and regulations of the Skyride. There is no word on the employee’s current condition.

And now, my opinion:

My source says the empployee held on for about 50 feet and then fell 35 feet. I’ve heard stories from friends of our sources stating he jumped. If he let himself go in the gondola and was checking the door, my guess was his weight shifted the gondola, causing him to loose grip of what he was holding on to. This in turn caused the door to swing out and away from the gondola. After hanging on and becoming tired, I believe he let go. I could, however be wrong.

Sounds like a training issue to me.. or maybe even stupidity. This doesn’t sound very safe to send the gondola out from the station, before checking the door. I’d rather have my door checked before it leaves the station and I’m suspended from a wire more than ten feet off the ground.

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