Disney World Monorail kills Disney employee


Two monorail trains collided killing 21 year old Disney employee. The other employee driving the monorail was rushed to the nearest hospital. His condition has not been released to the media yet. The trains collided early this morning. Six park guests were on the monorail when the incident occurred, but had no reported injuries.

As of today, the Monorail is out of service until further notice as the monorail violated a safety system that is supposed to keep the trains a certain distance apart. Disney guests should use the buses for transportation on Disney property. The Monorail is currently being inspected to pin point the problem and may not re-open until the ride is deemed safe to operate.

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My opinion:
The accident may have been caused because the employee was tired and unable to react in time to stop the incident from happening. The monorail is equipped with a safety system, like all other amusement park rides, which prevent ride vehicles from getting too close to one another, but it seems the system failed. Although it could have been working fine all day, this could have been a fluke and the ride kept going anyway, colliding into the other train. My heart goes out to the employee who lost their life and I’m sorry the accident occurred. It seems more and more accidents are occurring at theme parks because some accidents are just waiting to happen, or because of stupidity.