Coaster Obsession: Facebook’s Roller Coaster Kingdom Review – Part 1


I recently began playing Roller Coaster Kingdom on Facebook and immediately became hooked. I’ve been keeping track of each level (I’m currently on level 14 of the game), and I will be updating you with new information on the game, going quite into detail until I’ve finished the game (if there is an end). The game has many features. You can build rides, food and drink stands, give gifts, visit neighbors and help their parks. You also have “park points” which correspond with each level. When you reach a certain amout of park points, you level up and unlock something new, or you gain more land to build on. There’s also a park rating for when your park becomes more popular, coins to buy things with, and trophies. I could go on and on, so let’s start small.

Levels 1-7:

Below is a chart that I’ve been keeping track of everything.

Level Number Park Points needed level up Item Unlocked
Land Acquired? Y/N
1 2 Park Y
2 10 Park Expansion Y
3 35 Three sweest houses N
4 75 Three value venders N
5 150 Candy Cloud N
6 350 Summer Slide N
7 1,000 Park Expansion Y

Expect an update in a few days with more levels and features to the game.