Coaster Obsession: Facebook’s Roller Coaster Kingdom Review – Part 2


I’ve been playing a bit longer and reached a much higher level than I was on my previous article. This will be a pretty heafty update. Last update, I reviewed Levels 1-7. If you haven’t checked that article out, visit the article here.

Levels 8-14:

Level Pts needed level up Item acquired Land acquired? Y/N
8 2,000 Three Smoothie Sisters N
9 3,000 Sunken Treasure N
10 5,000 What Up Dog N
11 7,000 Café Splash N
12 9,000 Teddy Bear Teatime N
13 12,000 Lucky Donuts N
14 15,000 Park Expansion Y

Visitors per bus (based on park rating):

Visitors Per Bus Park Rating
1 0
2 5.1
3 15
4 22
5 30
Highest known rating to me 30.2

Trophies: (None, Copper, and Bronze):

Trophy Shopping Gift Giving Helping other’s parks Ride Building Food/Drink Building
None Spendthrift Giving Buddy Social Networking Ride Builder Food and Drink Provider
None Next: Spend 15,000 coins Next: Give 25 gifts Next: Visit 25 friends Next: Build 5 rides Next: Build 5 restaurants
Copper Bargain Hunter Park Patron Tourist Hard Hat Roach Coach
Copper Next: Spend 25,000 coins Next: Give 50 gifts Next: Visit 50 friends Next: Build 10 rides Next: Build 10 restaurants
Bronze Shopaholic Charitable Contributor Park Hopper Foreman Food Court Tycoon
Bronze Next: Spend 100,000 coins Next: Give 100 gifts Next: Visit 250 friends Next: Build 30 rides Next: Build 30 restaurants