Coaster Obsession: Goodbye seasonal theme parks!


My entire life, I’ve spent living around seasonal theme parks. I dread the day the parks close because I know once the day is over, I’ve got to wait at least six months before I can ride another roller coaster, or visit another theme park without taking a trip down south. There comes a point in everyone’s lifetime where change occurs. Later this week, I’ll be bidding my farewells to seasonal theme parks in Virginia and greeting the Florida theme parks I’ve longed to visit.

While I’ve spent year after year visiting Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion, its the same year after year. Excitement builds as the new season is around the corner, the park opens and I enjoy the atmosphere, and the park closes and the waiting begins. Don’t get me wrong – I love the parks in Virginia, espicially Busch Gardens, but it’s time to move on from that point in my life and visit a theme park when I want to.

I’ll miss the some of the coasters – Loch Ness Monster, Alpengiest, Dominator, and Rebel Yell – but I’m moving on to something bigger and better. Mostly, I’ll miss the exciement that builds up every year as I look forward to opening day, but I won’t miss the off season when I wander aimlessly feeling as if something missing in my life.

Goodbye seasonal theme parks.. Hellooo Florida!