Coaster Obsession: Intimidator


Carowinds has announced Intimidator for the 2010 season, the tallest, fastest, longest coaster in the southeast.

Check out some of the ride’s features:
Maufactuer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Class: Hyper
Drop: 211 feet

Track Length: 5,316 feet
Angle of drop: 74 degrees
Ride duration: 3 minutes 33 seconds
Trains: 3 trains, 8 rows, 32 riders per train, 1600 riders per hour – Open air stadium seating
Featured elements: 7 camel back hills
Capital investment: $23 Million; 10 acre expansion to park
Theme: Winner’s circle/victory lane. Queue – As if entering raceway

Am I excited about this coaster? YES. Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia announced their own Intimidator 305 last week, but the coasters are not the same. The biggest difference in the two coasters is Intimidator is a B&M and Intimidator 305 is an Intamin. Don’t forget to check out Behind the Thrills live tomorrow night as we chat with Dani Swords, PR Manager for Carowinds about Intimidator.