Coaster Obsession: Soft openings rocks my socks!


You know what’s better than grand openings? SOFT OPENINGS!

Along with everyone else, I was beginning to fall under the impression that Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit was going to be the next Flying Turns (which, mind you.. Is STILL not open). Rockit seemed to have many issues during the course of construction and testing. The track was completed, and they began testing, but stopped testing to take part of the lift hill apart and put it back together – Not a good sign at all. Afterwards, more testing was conducting and Rockit vallied – Also not a good sign.

After Universal annouced the official opening date of Rockit would be July 3rd, it came and passed. However, shortly after it vallied, testing continued, the rings went onto the lift and banners were spotted hanging next to the lift. Hope is there – just in small doses. Rumor floating around the internet as of last night (Twitter mainly) is that Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit will begin soft opening today at 2pm.

Now, most parks have weird soft openings. Why? Because, well, the ride isn’t officially open. Some parks will open the line for a few shorts hours, shut it off and keep the lines closed for a few hours while they continue testing empty. I believe that soft opening of a coaster is probably the best time to ride. Why? They don’t annouce to the public that they’re soft opening, they just do it. If you’re at the park that day and you happen to get lucky – Congratulations! Soft opening rocks my socks!

Some Twitter reviews:
“More thrilling than Manta, but a different experience. Definitely more intense the Revenge of the Mummy IMO.”
“Worth the wait”
“rode hollywood rip ride rockit today! holy S&^t!!”

Text message I received at 1 o’clock this morning: