Coaster Obsession: Roller Coaster Kingdom – Part 3


For those of you who still play this game, you may know the game has gone some hefty changes since my last update. In fact, all the levels and park ratings have changed! Users are now able to move rides and concession stands as well, which I really like. In this edition of the Roller Coaster Kingdom Review, I will show you the stats for the original version of Roller Coaster Kingdom in order to get to the next level and do some comparisons with the updated version of the game.

Original version of the game:

level pts needed level up item acquired
1 2 Park
2 10 Park Expansion
3 35 Three sweest houses
4 75 Three value venders
5 150 Candy Cloud
6 350 Summer Slide
7 1,000 Park Expansion
8 2,000 Three Smoothie Sisters
9 3,000 Sunken Treasure
10 5,000 What Up Dog
11 7,000 Café Splash
12 9,000 Teddy Bear Teatime
13 12,000 Lucky Donuts
14 15,000 Park Expansion
15 18,000 Bath Time Bliss
16 21,000 Little Apple
17 25,000 Charming Carousel
18 30,000 Phat and Tasty Burger
19 45,000 CoCo’s Tiki Hut
20 60,000 Rockin’ Rocket Ride

New version of the game:

level pts needed level up item acquired
14 42,000 Park Expansion
15 55,000 Bath Time Bliss
16 72,000 Little Apple

As you can see, it’s getting harder and harder to level up, but here’s my thoughts on the whole thing.

Everyone is complaining because they got bumped back a few levels. However, the popularity level has been raised from 30 to 100, which means you can have more people in your park than before! What else does this mean? Faster profit and more people are riding rides and bumping up your park points. I think this was a great move on the developers part. Now that you can move rides around, every level up you aren’t spending all your coins on re-arranging everything so you can save up for the rides (yes, there was a price increase). The game is moving along much quicker and I feel leveling up has become easier, even though it takes more points to reach the next level. Stop complaining just because you were bumped back a few levels. It won’t take very long to get back to the level you were on. I still have attractions that are supposed to be locked because I was bumped back five levels, but you don’t see me complaining, do you?