HHN Ripped from the Conference Call-Take 3


This week we get to talk to TJ Mannarino and Susan Moore from Universal Creative all about this year’s HHN, and more specifically we talk about making Frankenstein and Dracula scary again.

I honestly don’t know how much more excited I can get about this. The interesting thing to hear was that yes, Frankenstein is going Steampunk! A different variation on the whole monster. It’s always good to hear from TJ, but its not very often that we get to hear from the other aspects of the whole process, such as character design. Sure, the houses are amazing, and the story of every house is very important, but its also the characters that breathe life into everything. And the stunning costumes and just way the characters behave are every bit as important. On a side note, sorry it took so long toget this episode up and running, but we have been without an internet connection for a while, and this episode was actually lost. We had to take 900 six second clips and piece them back together. So you better enjoy it!

Halloween Horror Nights:Ripped from the Silver Screen opens this Friday at Universal Orlando!