Coaster Obsession: Nut-up or Shut-up – A Zombieland Review


I was reluctant to go see Zombieland just because of the title. ZOMBIEland. As much as I pretend like I’m the toughest bad-ass out there, I’m not really that tough. Okay, so I don’t get scared because someone jumps out at me, but I do get scared at the movies. My soon-to-be step Daughter has been blabbing about how she really wants to see this movie just because it has Zombies in it. The kid loves Zombies and she’s eight. It’s rated R (restricted to 17 and up), so of course we’re going to check it out before we let her see it. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, right?


I thought this movie was going to be visious, gorey, and just down-right dusting: Enough to make me get up and leave. Boy, was I horribly wrong. Okay, so there are a few gorey scenes in the movie, but you can’t have a zombie movie that doesn’t have some gore. The movie starts off explaining that the entire world was Zombieland and that zombies had taken over. Oh, it get’s better. You meet the main character and he tells you his rules, which have some pretty funny scenes to go along with them.

Rule #1: Cardio – I’d have no chance of survival. I hate running.
Rule #2: Double-Tap – Who cares? Shoot the zombie twice.
Rule #3: Beware of bathrooms – Yeah, sometimes they smell bad.
Rule #4: Seatbelt – Wouldn’t want a ticket now, would ya?

Besides the few gore scenes, this movie is nothing but a comedy. I admit openly that I jumped a few times because I was startled, but the entire theater spent three quarters of the movie laughing. Some of the statements are funny, and then some of the scenes are just hilarious. This movie feels pretty well rounded with comical, gorey, romantic, and action-packed scenes. Not only is it well rounded, but the endind is perfect. There’s enough not to keep the audience hanging, but enough that they could make a sequal if they wanted to.

What do I think of this movie?
BADASS. With the economic downturn, I haven’t spent nearly as many nights at the movies as I have in the past, but this is my favorite movie of 2009. Yes, I want to see it again. I want to buy it on DVD! It’s even got a theme park in it, for you nerds out there.