Epcot: The Sum of all Thrills


Within the last week, Disneyworld’s Epcot opened their new attraction, Sum of all Thrills. While we were not able to make it out to Epcot and check out the attraction, James was and he took a bunch of photos to share with everyone.

FAQ time!

Q: What is it?
A: It’s a giant two-seater robo arm that flips you around to a video.

Q: What’s the average wait time?
A: I’ve seen a bunch of posts on Twitter ranging from walk-on to almost an hour. Depends on how busy it is, I assume, but expect longer lines because it’s a newer attraction.

Q: What’s the height requirement?
A: Non-inverting is 48″; inverting is 54″.

Q: I thought Harry Potter over at Universal was going to have exclusive rights to the robo arm! What happened?
A: Apparently Disney built one! Don’t look at me!

Q: What kind of theme does it have?
A: You’re an engineer, you end up at a design table and you have three choices: roller coaster, bobsled, fighter jet pilot. In simple terms it’s a simulator that flips you around! If you’re closterphobic, I don’t think this ride is for you.

Q: What do you think of the attraction?
A: Personally, I’ve never ridden it, however, James’s exact words were “amazing thrilling mind blowing thrilling

Q: What if I get scared on the ride?
A: There’s a stop button if you chicken out.

Check out the awesome pictures James took.
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