IAAPA 2009


Noel was given the chance to visit IAAPA in Vegas – and he did! He checked out a lot of cool stuff for us, talked to a lot of people, and saw a lot of things.

Dip and Dots is coming out with a new flavor to coincide with the new movie, Planet 51, and I believe that’s the name of the ice cream too. The ice cream will contain vanilla dots, as well as alien green dots, and chocolate covered ‘space rocks’ that will crunch in your mouth (sounds a bit like pop-rocks to me). They’ll also be coming out with two sour flavors that you can buy and take home and store in your freezer.

S&S Power featured their Free Fall trains on the floor that appear to be a combination between X2 and a suspended coaster. It’s an awesome concept. Noel also talked to them about Ring Racer and why the project opening date has been pushed back to 2010. It seems while testing, there was a huge software glitch and they’ve been working to fix the issue since.

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