Monorail Teal in Service at Disneyworld


Disneyworld has just finished attaching Monorail Teal to the track and it is now running and carrying passengers.

As many of you remember back in July, when monorail Pink and Purple collided, it took the life of a team member. Several months later, the undamaged sections of Monorail Pink and Purple have been put together and has assumed the name Monorail Teal.

I’m glad to see that Disney has replaced Pink and Purple with Teal, rather than reusing the names of the two that collided. Hopefully in the future, Disney will have another new Monorail to replace one of the two that collided in July. I imagine wait times to board the monorails have been a bit longer than usual, as they’ve been short two monorails. With Monorail Teal in service, this should help alleviate some of the lines for guests waiting to board.