BGW: Christmas Town to return with Italy


Upon one of our readers visits to Christmas Town the other night, they noticed a sign, clearly not in English, but the sign stated something would be coming in 2010. What could it be? With a little research, we’ve discovered Christmas Town will return to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2010 with a new addition – Italy!

What exactly does “Buon Natale” mean? I’ll leave all the technical mumbo-jumbo out and just say it means “Christmas in Italy”! This tells us that Christmas Town will be returning next year, but will have Italy open in 2010.

It seems many nights Italy opened a few hours after the park did, with minimal attractions open. However, Italy had not been originally planned to be open. It looks like Christmas Town was a huge success for Busch Gardens.

What can we expect from Italy being open? Italian Dishes, I hope! The menu for the rest of the park changed for the opening year to fit the event. The Italy Pavillion resides along the main pathway connecting Scotland and Oktoberfest, which tells me it will be open next year.

We could possibly see more rides open next year.

We’ll keep you updated!

Take a moment to leave a comment of what you think below. And if you want to know more about Buon Natale click here and you may get an idea of what we can be in store for next year when ChristmasTown returns.