Episode 61: Christmas At Sea World-with pics and video!


Christmas at Seaworld will run through January 3rd. While you visit Seaworld during the day, you can see all the animal exhibits, dine, shop, see shows, or ride all your favorite attractions. Later in the evening, all the shows you saw during the day will now be themed to Christmas! Clyde and Seamore will countdown to Christmas and meet Santa, Shamu’s Miracles celebrates the season Killer Whale style! Don’t forget Sesame Street has their own Christmas Show. Finally, Seaworld debuts one of their new Ice Skating shows, Winter Wonderland on Ice.

Seaworld does an awesome job preparing for all these shows and making them happen for the thousands of guests that visit their park, but have you ever stopped and thought how much time and effort goes into making this all possible?

Seaworld invited us to come to the park and check out their Ice Skating show, Winter Wonderland on Ice. We didn’t see the show, but we were able to meet some of the performers and even skate with them (skating is not available to the general public)! As we sat their putting our skates on, we watched the performers skate. They make it look a lot easier than it is. Performer, Elizabeth, had been skating for twelve years in competitions before she began to skate her heart out for Seaworld. Besides from just having great performers, there are hours upon hours of practicing as a group to ensure the best show possible for park guests, along with the entire planning process from start to opening day. There’s a lot of behind the scene work that goes into producing top of the line entertainment! Until the week of Christmas, Winter Wonderland on Ice can be seen Saturday and Sunday evenings. Be sure to check the park map or SeaWorld’s official website for more information on show times. The week of Christmas, the show can be seen twice daily the entire week.

Also while we were there we found a little time to record this week’s show. In it you get to hear a little bit of what it takes to put on the Ice Skating show, and you also get to hear how great an ice skater Erik is (and it’s funny….actually). We also have an interview with Seamore, and we get a last minute surprise visit from the Jolly Old Elf. Take a listen.

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Christmas at Seaworld wouldn’t be Christmas without Clyde and Seamore! We were able to also meet Seamore and chat with one of the SeaLion trainers about Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas (meeting Clyde and/or Seamore is not available to the general public). Tons of prepping, training, and hard work also go into Clyde and Seamore. This ranges from the start of the idea, to opening night, including training the SeaLions and getting them excited about meeting Santa! Clyde and Seamore have never met Santa Claus before, and Seaworld uses the basis of “naughty and nice”, and Seamore is the nice one trying to teach Clyde not to be so naughty. Robin, one of the SeaLion trainers, taught us that SeaLions are still trainable even if they’re a few years old, just like people, they have the ability to learn something new everyday!

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Any show at Seaworld requires countless hours of training, planning, and rehersing to make the shows an exceptional expereience for park guests. Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas and Winter Wonderland on Ice are no exception! Don’t forget you can also see Shamu’s Mircles and Sesame Street Christmas. If you’re a movie fan, you can also ride The Polar Express and meet Santa afterwards! Next time you visit Seaworld, or any theme park for that matter, don’t forget the hard work and countless hours that have gone into it to make your experience possible!

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And of course, what trip would be complete without a trip on the skytower to sneak some pics of the new construction over at Aquatica. I haven’t been keeping track of whats been happening, and I’m sure similar pics are posted elsewhere, but hey…We Got Cement Trucks! I love me some cement trucks!

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