Episode 62: Operation Gingerbread – with pics and video!


There’s more to Christmas than just singing, family, food and presents. There’s Theme Parks who celebrate Christmas, and then there’s Disney. Not only do they jazz up The Magic Kingdom at night and host “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party”, but they also decorate their hotels! This week on Behind the Thrills, we bring you coverage from each of the Hotels and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas.

Inside the Contemporary Resort, The Beach Club, The Boardwalk, and The Grand Floridian, are decorations made out of the most fattening goodies around.. But they can’t be eaten. Sadface! Inside The Beach Club is a Carousel made out of chococlate – And a lot of it! The detail is so realistic that you’d wanna jump in line and wait to ride around. The Boardwalk seemed to have the most Christmas spirit with Stitch, Daisy, Donald, and Chip and Dale around the fireplace under a Gazebo. It too was made out of chocolate, but even more than the Carousel. My least favorite was the Christmas Tree inside of the Contemporary Resort, which was made out of Ginger Bread behind a cash register. The monorail Christmas tree in the shop across the hall was by far more interesting! We saved the best for last.. The Grand Floridian, which had a Ginger Bread house more than twice Racheal’s height! It was by far the most astonishing and most amazing ginger bread, chocolatly goodness prepared by Disney to celebrate the holiday. The best thing about them is they’re all free to see!

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Although it was a brisk, rainy Friday, we decided to visit Beeches and Creme and take on the Ice Cream Sink! Conquered, but delicious. It contains a disgusting amount of ice cream and toppings that not many can take on alone, so make sure you bring a friend (or two) along with you. For about $25, you’ll get your ice cream fix and probably be sick of it for sometime.

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To wrap up a wonderful day filled with Disney, we checked out Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The event starts at 7pm, however they will let you into the park before 7. Cinderella’s Castle lighting begins at 6:30, where the castle becomes lit with icicles, and trust me – it’s beautiful! All the rides are open, as normal, but now there are beautiful Christmas Lights and Christmas shows to see. On top of that, you can get all the Hot Chocolate and Cookies you can possibly consume. By the end of the night, they’re giving out several cookies at a time, rather than just one. We didn’t see any of the Christmas Shows, but the environment is just amazing. The park is so beautiful. Don’t forget the fireworks and the parade, featuring some of the most popular Disney characters.

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Disney is a great place to be, especially at Christmas.