KI Marketplace.. Is Son of Beast no more?


Kings Island debuted their own market place where tons of Kings Island merchandise can be purchased online. A wide variety of items can be purchased from hats, to t-shirts, to shot glasses, to key chains, and many other items. Tons of Diamondback and The Beast, their signature roller coasters, merchandise can be found everywhere, however there is one coaster they have no merchandise available for at all.

Erik made a phone call to check and see if they had any Son of Beast merchandise available. The gentleman on the other end apologized as they don’t have any in stock! This can be taken two ways. One, they don’t have any in stock at the current moment. Two, they don’t have any in stock and won’t anytime in the future because Kings Island has closing Son of Beast and is pending on a decision to reopen it for 2010.

Son of Beast closed mid-season last year because a rider claimed she burst a blood vessel in her head while riding.

This makes this grim situation with Son of Beast look a lot more grim now. Son of Beast’s fate has still not been decided at this moment, but it makes it seem like the ride will be torn down rather than reopened.