No Demon Drop for Knotts Berry Farm


Rumors have been floating around for the last couple weeks that Demon Drop would not be moved from Cedar Point to Knott’s Berry Farm, but why? We’ve all heard that one park’s officials were upset that the other park released the information before they were ready to, however that is not the case. The rumors were indeed true that Knott’s Berry Farm will not be getting Demon Drop, or any other new attraction built in their park for the 2010 season.

Knott’s Berry Farm backed out from taking Demon Drop as it would not fit next to the attraction it would have been placed next to. With that said, Cedar Point is still removing the attraction, however it will be moved to Dorney Park instead. Dorney Park plans on keeping the same name for the ride, however the color scheme may be changed. We do not have pictures, but it looks like Dorney Park is already receiving parts of the ride.