Across the Twitter-verse 1/26/10


Good afternoon, Tweeple! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for ‘Across the Twitter-verse’! What’s going on in the theme park world?! ALL MY THEME PARKS ARE CLOSED! (I kid, by the way!) I’m so bored and there’s nothing to do! Well, here’s how you solve your boredom. Theme parks across the country have joined Twitter and tweet stuff that’s going on at the parks to keep you fresh on the news. Here’s whats been going on in the theme park world this week.


  • #HOS has been nominated for a 2009 Screamie Award for “Best International Attraction” by the UK’s Haunted Magazine!


  • Workers prepped more steel supports for Shoot the Rapids this afternoon. Watch the cam tomorrow for more!
  • The big crane is moving into place!


  • NEW FOR 2010: Gold passholders receive 15% discount off best available room rates and 10% off services in spa at Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Just 85 more days until Opening Day (April 17)!
  • More than 4,000 seasonal positions available for the 2010 season. Apply online here.


  • has plenty of new attractions planned for 2010, and we’re giving our Facebook fans special clues before anyone…
  • A new clue for you: If you’re familiar with this spot in our park, you now know one of the areas we’re updating in 2010
  • A new clue for you: What’s 14’ tall, 30’ wide and 52’ long, and is going to be in Festhaus Park this spring?
  • A new clue for you
  • A new clue for you: What’s nearly seven times sharper than broadcast HD? Answer coming soon.


  • Note: Special Valentine’s Day menus available at Disneyland Resort restaurants. Here’s more.


  • Goliath made #7 in Time Magazine’s Top 10 Rollercoaster Issue!
  • Past few days @SixFlagsMM has got alot of rain. Anyone in SoCal rained on this week?


  • Any vegetarians out there? We’re adding veggie burgers, pasta salad and fettuccine alfredo to our menus this season. #HW #fb
  • Wildebeest is snow-covered. Brrrrrr! ConstructionCam #HW #fb


  • You could win a Dale Earnhardt Legacy Experience when you purchase at 2010 Season Pass! Check out
  • Coaster Fans- Mark your calendars for COASTER STOCK- Saturday, July 24.
  • New construction update on the blog!