BGT:Construction Construction Construction! A Photo Trip Report


Something big is coming to BGT. We don’t know exactly what it is, or when we’ll see it, but this thing, if it’s to be believed is HUGE. We’ve seen things happening all over the park from Sesame, to the closure of the Clydesdales. And still we keep seeing construction stakes pop up in newer places. So our faithful friend L C Hill decided to go and see what the hubub was all about.

First up we have the construction stakes. They are now spread all the way over to the gift shop across from the Nairobi gate. Dont know if they were there before, but they are now. They are all the way over by the train tracks and can be seen from the train on the way back to Stanleyville.

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Notice the markings? I know a little bit about fill, and they are rasing up the land a bit. Can’t tell you how much, but its going up for sure!

Next step is over by the clydesdales, and oh look! More survey stakes! And even more, we have what looks like to be a new attraction. “Animal Encounters: Starring You!”

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I know that this show is either run by or was come up by none other than Universal’s ex genius. I don’t need to say his name, but he was on an episode of BTT lately, and he was very big with HHN. I dont know the extent of his involvement, but I do know he was somewhat involved.

Next up is of course Sesame.

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This thing keeps trucking right along, and loads of progress all around the area. It looks as if they are keeping some of the themeing from LOD, but it still has a long ways to go, and not a lot of time to go it. We’ve heard rumors that Grover trains are on property and are testing, but we havent seen any pics, or anything else come from it. They may be on other sites, but we havent seen any. But we will keep our eyes open.

And now some random pictures.

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