BGW: Dropping 2010 hints


Busch Gardens Williamsburg has started dropping hints for their 2010 season and what will be changing around the park. It seems only Facebook fans of Busch Gardens Williamsburg have been given the hints so far, so keep your eyes on it’s fan page. I expect more hints to come within the next couple days.

For many of you fimiliar with the Ireland section of the park, BGW posted this picture stating they would be updating this area for the 2010 season. Rumors of Corkscrew Hill and Emerald Beat going away have been floating around, but could there possibly be something else?

First clue: Scrambled VS. Unscrambled

Irish Thunder started in 2001 when Hastings was converted to Ireland and ended in 2005. In 2006, Emerald Beat began. I wouldn’t be surprised if another show is replacing Emerald Beat for the year. I don’t know if Corkscrew Hill will be replaced. Since the attraction was built, many different attractions have been in that location using the same system: Revenge of King Arthur (I wasn’t able to find any information on this, but I’ve heard this from several different people) Questor, and Corkscrew Hill (opened in 2001). Maybe they’ll be updating the systems completely with a new ride. Could they possibly just be updating the enchanted tree? We’ll find out soon enough.

Second clue:
What’s 14′ tall, 30′ wide, and 52′ long that’s coming this spring to the Festhaus Park?

Lets start ruling some stuff out.
New coaster? I doubt it. The park opens in seven short weeks and it would be 14′ tall.
Drop tower? Common rumor, but I seriously doubt it. Again, look at the height. Proportions just don’t sound right.

Lets look at some possibilities.

Play area for kids? The park already has Sesame and LOD, however, what kid has enough of an attention span to watch a band from the 70s play? It’s a possibility that a small play area, like a mini LOD could be coming to the Festhaus park for kids to play in while Mom and Dad are watching the concert. It’s a possibility.
New train station?
It’s highly possible. I doubt the trains are 14′ tall. 52′ is pretty long, long enough for a train, I suppose.

Looks like we’ll have to wait to see if Busch Gardens drops any more hints at their Facebook fans.

Stay tuned.