Busch Gardens: Goodbye Corkscrew Hill and Emerald Beat


A video message by Busch Gardens Williamsburg General Manager, John Reilly, confirms several of the hints they have dropped in the past few days regarding the 2010 season. The video can be seen below:

In 2010, Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be celebrating their 35th anniversary. When they open on March 26th, they will be opening with a new ride and a new show. Emerald Beat will not be returning for the 2010 season, however, it will be replaced with a new show. This show is going to be great, and just like all Busch Gardens shows it will have great energy, singing, dancing, and story telling.

Corkscrew Hill will also not be returning for the 2010 season. The ride is being turned into another attraction called “Europe in the Air”. It will take guests on a journey though some of Europe’s most recognizable landmarks such as Stonehenge and the Collusem. The video footage will be nearly sharper than Broadcast HD. Ireland is getting a lot of work done!

As we posted previously, Busch Gardens will be hosting the ASA Action Sports in the Festhaus Park. It will be called “Ramp Jam” and will feature BMX biking, Skateboarding, and Inline Skating. The Busch Gardens team is building a Half-Pipe specifically for Ramp Jam.

Also, new this year at Busch Gardens is “Illuminights – A Busch Gardens Encore”, which is a summer festival that will take place park wide. They’ll have nightly fireworks and will be staying open an hour later for the event. Sounds like their fourth of July stuff, but all summer long! How exciting!

Happy 35th Anniversary, Busch Gardens!

Busch Gardens is undergoing a lot of change and coming out with a lot of new things. Part of this may be because of the Blackstone buy-out and their improvements on the park. Improvements started with the Big Bad Wolf, and continue on. What else will we see that’s new? We’ll find out soon enough!