Gatorland: A Taste of Old Florida


When you go to Orlando and the surrounding areas it’s really easy to get caught up in the “Magic” and splendor of a manufactured world. You tend to forget that the area that all the theme parks sit on used to be nothing but swamp. If you venture just a bit away from the Metro area, and away from the parks, you still see some of that swamp. Gatorland has been around for longer than I can remember, but it still offers the same thing it always has. It’s just a small bit of what Florida was before the Mouse.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the parks and I love the Disney area, but being a native Floridian (something that is a rarity these days I’m told) and living still in a rather rural part of the state, I remember days when you used to see quite a bit more of the natural old Florida than you do now. Gatorland kind of resonates with that old Florida feel. From the first time you walk into the giant jaws, to the docks going out into the gator water areas, to even the albino alligators you get the feel that you’re really away from anything kind of civilized. Sure, its still a theme park, and it’s still a tourist trap, but its one of those quaint cozy little places that feels nestled away.

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Our friend L C Hill was able to scope it out and grab some great pics for us.

Right now Gatorland is having a great deal where Seniors and Florida Residents can get admission for $9.99. Great deal for a piece of old Florida.

Look for more old Florida bits in the future, and check the official Gatorland Website for more info.