Park Review: A’Lure The Call of the Ocean


A day at Seaworld isn’t complete without seeing a show. I’ve always liked the shows at Seaworld because of the animals. Where else can you see a Killer Whale jumping out of the water, or a Sealion swimming? The ocean? Goodluck! I’ve finally seen every normal show. What do I mean by normal? I haven’t seen all the special shows, like Shamu Rocks.

I’ve got to say, A’Lure is an interesting show. The costumes are really cool, bright, and colorful. It’s a touching show with a small meet and greet with the main characters at the end. A lot of the show is acrobats. While this is really cool and all, but this is something that has been done at other Busch parks before in the past. Infact, this show reminded me of Kinetix at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, minus the music, singing, and dancing.

A man who loves to fish is brought down to the sea and given the ability to breathe underwater. He falls in love with the Princess, and must return to his home.

This show has no animals! Sadface! However, people are dressed as animals through out the entire show. The most notably dressed are three ladies in jellyfish outfits, and two guys dressed as eels. It’s a really cool concept and different way of thinking. Great show for kids and adults. Without the animal outfits and sea-theme, this show just wouldn’t fit into Seaworld. I’d love to go see it again sometime soon, but I think I’m still a die-hard Clyde and Seamore fan.

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