Say Good Bye To the Big Bad Wolf


Seems like we’ve been saying good bye to Wolf for the past year. It’s sad to think that less than a year ago I rode this coaster for the first time. And now its completely gone. We are proud to premiere Rob Warren’s documentary chronicling the Big Bad Wolf, and paying tribute to one of the coolest coasters I’ve ever been on. Rob gets amazing shots….as an amateur videographer, makes me a little jealous. But he gets really amazing shots of this once legendary coaster which has now been reduced to just a clearing and with very little sign that a coaster was ever there. Check out the vid below.

From Rob:

Come along for the ride as Rob Warren takes on the Big Bad Wolf roller coaster for the first time just days before the ride closes. Since 1984, the Big Bad Wolf thrilled and terrified over 29 million riders. Although the ride is no longer in existence, I hope this documentary gives you a glimpse of what the ride was and how it became a part of many people’s lives.

Say Goodbye to the Big Bad Wolf from Rob Warren on Vimeo.