Sea World Orlando:Atlantis Reopens


Journey to Atlantis at Sea World Orlando opened over the weekend. The ride was down for rehab, and we are hearing this is only the first of many rehabs scheduled for the year in order to get the ride back up to it’s former glory. And it just so happens we had a reader send us in some pics and a small review. Check out below.

On the outside our reader says everything looks new, the grass inhabiting the outside is gone. The moss and water stains are pretty much gone and it’s really very nice looking. Inside the ride has gotten a new coat of paint and the effects are back in a major way. A lot of old effects are working properly (such as the mermaid fountains) and the biggest is the evil Medusa head that pops down. There are more effects working, but it’s still a long way off from being back to it’s original glory, though its a step in the right direction.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626453516619″]

Personally I dont remember the original but I do remember doors before the big drop, and I also remember the inside part being almost completely dark before the second drop. Our reader says doors are back on the second drop but not on the first. Also, the mime is still in the queue video. I wonder if we’ll see the original queue video as well as all the old props such as the news van coming back. Thats what really set this ride apart in the beginning. We’ll keep you posted.

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