We Want YOU!


We can’t be everywhere at once. It’s a scientific impossibility. We are looking for a few people to cover different events for us in the coming year, as well as just take pictures of the different parks.

Sounds like a big job, right? It’s not. It’s really easy. Next time you’re at a park, or if you have a rumor or some news, let us know! We’ll take any pictures you have and publish them, as well as any pictures. Of course we will give you full credit for them. We dont want you sneaking into places you’re not supposed to be, but if you see new construction, or something cool, or just want to snap a bunch of pics at a park, we want to see them.

In return, if we have any media events in your area, you’ll become our official affiliate and we’ll send you out to cover it. Theme Parks usually have a great Media event and you usually get to have admission into the park for free for that event. Now of course certain restrictions apply, and you’ll have to adhere to our guidelines, but for the most part its a fun thing and great way to get into any kind of reporting or photography field…and it’s a wonderful obsession.

If you’d like more information, or have any questions or have stuff to send us, email us here!