Aquatica’s Omaka Rocka & SeaWorld’s Atlantis


It’s been a while since we’ve posted a construction update. I’m extremely satisfied with how quickly they’ve constructed this ride. It appears that all the slide pieces have been installed, as only cars were found inside the construction gate where pieces to the ride were being stored. Hopefully we’ll see it up and running soon! The other slide, Whanau Way, that has been closed was open the other day, despite the signs at the front of the park saying it would be closed.

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This was the first time I had ever stopped by the Commerson Dolphins to actually take a look at them. They’re beautiful creatures!

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Atlantis opened a few weeks ago and boy does it gleam! The boats obviously got a fresh paint job as well as the crown at the top of the building. While through Aquatica, I noticed it just stood out more than it ever has (as I’ve seen the ride). The silver dome in the aquarium is now missing, but nothing has seemed to change there.

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I can never seem to visit Seaworld and not include a few pictures of Manta and/or the aquarium. (Notice the doors that were newly installed between the circular tank with the Leafy Sea Dragons and the Sting Ray viewing area)

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