BGT: Animal Enocounters & Sesame Street Construction


The old Clydesdale area at Busch Gardens Tampa is under-going change. After the Clydesdales left, something had to go in it’s place, but what could it be? Animal Encounters! I can’t even bear to imagine how awesome this kind of experience would be, being up close with the animals as they’re SO adorable.

A reader was able to visit Busch Gardens this past week and get photos of the Animal Encounters. It looks like you’re basically going to be meeting animals up close, but you won’t be able to hold them. Still, can you say AWESOME? How many people can say they’ve been up close to a baby Kangaroo? I noticed a picture of dressing rooms.. If the animals have their own dressing rooms, I must say that I’m extremely jealous.

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Actually according to this Article its a completely new pay experience in which you get to record a video in which you act like a “Jack Hannah” and tell all about the different animals on a greenscreen backdrop. The cost is going to run about $29.95 and yes, it seems you do get to touch the animals, having them climb all over you.

And now for something completely different…..

Sesame is still coming along great! Buildings look like they’re getting a fresh coat of bright, colorful paint. Work still continues at a steady pace. I believe that Sesame is on time for their scheduled opening date in March. The existing play areas don’t seem to be getting that much attention in my eyes.. Maybe just a fresh coat of paint to make it look new. Although work is coming along at a steady pace, they still have a lot of work to do before they can even think about being finished!

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And now for some random pictures.

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