Magic Kingdom: Construction Photos


Disney announced way back when that they would be refurbishing and expanding Fantastyland to feature more princesses, a new little mermaid ride, a new dumbo attraction, and lots of other things. The expansion was scheduled to begin sometime this year (or in the beginning of 2011) and should be finished by 2013.

Our good ‘ol buddy, LC Hill, who is much more of a Disney-buff than myself, made it out to Disneyworld the other day and stopped by Magic Kingdom where he was able to get a few pictures of what is beginning to go on at the Magic Kingdom. Walls are beginning to go up. It looks like walls have gone up around an Edy’s Ice Cream Shop, as well as near Tomorrowland (if I’m correct). Looks like a lot is going on.

Splash Mountain is also down for refurbing as well. The water is completely drained. It looks pretty sad and desolate, actually.

Check out the shots of the stuff going on for yourself.

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A trip report from any park wouldn’t be complete without random pictures! The pictures of Thunder Mountain Railroad bring back so many memories.. What an awesome ride!

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